8th Grade Washington DC Trip


While not an official school activity, the eighth grade trip to Washington DC is teacher-led and aligned with the grade's government program. The trip itself is organized by parent volunteers who have provided the information below.




May 23-May 26 2020
Cost is $2250


To register, please visit https://reg.etsi.ws/Account/login
Our trip# is 2L99




If you are interested in chaperoning the trip please contact Kathie Tell at kathieeastmantell@comcast.net. 8th grade teachers will also be chaperoning. Please note that parent chaperones will need to pay all or part of their trip cost.




Interested in volunteering to lead other student fundraisers?  A few examples done successfully in previous years include First Aid Kit sales, restaurant dinner nights, spaghetti dinner, pop-up holiday craft sale and spring plant sale.  If you would like to organize a fundraiser please contact Kathie for materials from past years and communications assistance.


Pie Day Sales and Spring Plant Sales - we are looking for parents to run these two great fundraisers. Please contact Kathie at kathieeastmantell@comcast.net if you would like to help out


Fundraisers on school grounds are expected to be open to all 8th graders on the Washington DC trip (example: if you want to host a bake sale, give other 8th graders the opportunity to participate).  Fundraisers on school grounds are also expected to put aside a portion for scholarships (example:  for every five Chinook Books sold, the profit from one sale goes to the Scholarship fund).  Fundraisers on school grounds also need a parent on site during the sale.




We recognize that the DC trip cost is difficult for many families.  We hope to provide scholarships to help all interested 8th graders participate. If you would like to request a scholarship for the trip please contact one of your student’s 8th grade teachers or our Middle School counselor Liz Kobs.  



If you would like to make a donation to the DC trip scholarship fund please contact Penny Robertson at Pennyrobertson1@comcast.net


Additional Materials:

Tour Details (PDF)

Sample Tour Itinerary (PDF)

Fundraising 101 (PDF) 

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