Beverly Cleary School Garden Committee

Join us in the garden!

If you love to dig in the dirt, or enjoy the process of nurturing plants, or even find stress relief in pulling weeds....please join us!


About our group

The BCS garden committee is a parent volunteer group focused on supporting both the Fernwood and Hollyrood school gardens. We work with school administrators, teachers, the community, and Grow Portland. Grow Portland is a BCS partner who provides garden-based education. Our goal right now is to maintain a beautiful space that excites students and encourages learning.

When do we meet?

We usually meet in the garden monthly to tackle larger projects, but also encourage you to help out whenever is most convenient for you. We'll be launching a running list of things that can be tackled by anyone who wants to spend some time in the garden on their own; but for now reach out to Janwyn Toy-Blazer for more information.

What do we need help with?

Even with the garden committee's dedication over the last year, numerous challenges have presented us with the opportunity to rethink the gardens. In particular, we are seeking volunteers to take an active role in helping to rebuild the Fernwood garden, which was heavily vandalized last fall. Restoring the Fernwood garden is our priority, so that students regain this outdoor space and Grow Portland can resume programming. From the ground up we will be:

  • Redesigning the garden space
  • Rebuilding garden beds
  • Repairing or replacing the shed
  • Repairing the fence that separates the garden and the playground
  • Looking for ways to incorporate art into the space
  • Exploring how we can make the space more equitable and accessible
  • Applying for grants

If you're interested in helping out, we welcome your support.

Please contact Janwyn Toy-Blazer at if you're interested in learning more.

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