Passport Club

Due to COVID-19, we have paused this program this year. We are keeping these pages intact as a reference point for new families to better understand the types of community support the PTA provides. We look forward to resuming our in-class support when it is safe! Please reach out with any questions.

The Beverly Cleary School Passport Club is a geography program for elementary school students. Sponsored by the PTA, it is designed to encourage students to learn some or all of the names of the world’s countries over the course of the school year.

The heart of the program is a monthly geography quiz led by parent volunteers. The quizzes are not part of the regular curriculum at Beverly Cleary, but most teachers encourage their students to participate, and some teachers incorporate the quizzes into their regular class work. Grades 2-5 are invited to participate.

Passport Club Printable Study Maps (PDF Format)