Executive Board

The Executive Board consists of officers in the following roles: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Foundation Chair, Membership Chair, Communications Chair, Volunteer Coordinator(s) and Member(s)-at-Large.


Officers (2019-2020 school year)

President - John D'Avolio

Vice-President - vacant 

Secretary - Katia Riddle

Treasurer - Joelle Shehadi

Volunteer Chair - Regan Preston

Communications Chair - Jon Lavietes

Membership Chair - Kecia Classen


Members at Large:

Lisa Aceves

Yone Akagi

Amanda Bivona 

Amanda Clark

Jeremy Cobos-Garrett

Nicole Doughman Markey

Yiping Fang

Catalina Gonzalez

Duke Harjo

Suzanne Malin

Jed Rosenzweig

Kathie Tell




Officers (2019-2020 school year) 


President – Regan Preston
Vice-President - Nicole Doughman Markey
Secretary - Katia Riddle
Treasurer - Joelle Lyons
Technology Chair – Sharon Colombo
Volunteer Chair - Avery Waxman
Membership Chair - Maria Holden Raboin


Members at Large:

Greg Alderson 
Andrea Alejandrino
Amanda Bivona
Karlyn Clark
Kecia Classen
Jeremy Cobos-Garrett
John D'Avolio
Yiping Fang
Catalina Gonzalez
Katie Hammer
Duke Harjo
JoLynn Holton

Edmond Ley
Sue Malin
Marie Westom

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