Walk, Bike, and Roll to School Days

Due to COVID-19, we have cancelled our in-person events this year. We are keeping these pages intact as a reference point for new families to better understand the types of community support the PTA provides. We look forward to resuming our community events when it is safe! Please reach out with any questions.

Each Fall and Spring, the Beverly Cleary School joins schools and communities across the state and the country in using Walk, Bike + Roll to School Day as an opportunity to highlight options for getting around that are beneficial to everyone.

Here are some reasons to support active ways of getting to school:

It’s Fun!
Using your feet or a set of wheels bring a sense of joy and independence.

Healthier Habits
The trip to school is a chance for children (and adults!) to get the physical activity they need.

Cleaner Environment
Replacing car trips to school with human-power can reduce congestion and air-polluting emissions.

Promoting Safety
Building sidewalks, providing education programs and adding traffic calming measures are some of the ways to improve safety. Encouraging alternative ways of getting to school can help build support for infrastructure improvements in the broader community.

Community Benefits
Reducing traffic congestion, boosting a sense of community, and improving neighborhood connections benefit the community.

PLUS, on Walk, Bike and Roll Days, Beverly Cleary parent volunteers pass out prizes for kids who walk, bike, roll and ride the bus to school. And if your child’s bike is on campus during the day, it might just receive a visit from the bike fairy, who's been known to stop by unannounced, leaving ribbons, treats, pencils, and other fun prizes on bikes, scooters, skateboards on campus while students are in class!

BCS Walk, Bike and Roll Days are sponsored by the Beverly Cleary School PTA.