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Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week


Thank you for helping us grow!

Monday, 5/6

Dear Francis Coffee Cart for Teachers provided by the PTA. Parents will also be Stocking the Staff Room.

Tuesday, 5/7

- Thank you for helping our kids bloom! Please bring a flower for your teacher and support staff paired with your classroom teacher. There will be parents at the front and back doors of the school collecting flowers at drop off. We will create vases for each teacher/staff and deliver them to their rooms. Parents will also be Stocking the Staff Room sign up below.

Wednesday, 5/8

We DONUT know what we would do without you! Please sign up below to bring in donuts and pastries for our amazing Teachers and Staff.

Thursday, 5/9

Contribute to our classroom community - Students please bring a gently used book or classroom supplies (construction paper, markers, clorox wipes, ect.) for your teacher and paired support staff.  Parents and kids, please ask your teachers or better yet, confirm with your room parent what type of supplies your teacher would like for their classroom. 

Parents will also be Stocking the Staff Room please sign up below.

Friday, 5/10

Thank you for all that you do! Students please bring a card or note for your teacher and paired support staff. PTA will be providing a catered lunch for teachers and support staff! Parents will be bringing in Pies for dessert. Please sign up below.

Sign up to Stock the Staff Room 

Thanks so much,

Leslie Charuhas

Korwren Peterson

Monday, May 6, 2024