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Wednesday, June 5, 2024

We are excited to announce the Beverly Cleary School community will have a large-group entry in this year's Portland Rose Festival Junior Parade. The nation’s oldest and largest children’s parade, the Jr. Rose Parade runs right through our neighborhood, and our school closes for a half day. The parade route is one-mile long.

Join the BCS parade entry in one of two ways:

  1. Walk with your BCS family or friends
  2. Organize your BCS class, club, sports team, OBOB team, scout troop, or other group to walk together

[RSVP Form coming soon!]

BYO chaperones: All K-5 students, K-5 groups, and MS groups must bring an adequate number of trusted adults to keep track of their group at all times and promise good behavior. (The PTA, BCS and PPS cannot supervise individual kids at this event - join at your own risk.)

Middle School: Individual middle school students may walk unchaperoned if an [RSVP COMING SOON] and a [parent/guardian permission COMING SOON] are both received no later than 6/6. For middle school groups, see BYO Chaperones, above.

What to bring: Wear BCS blue, wear your group/team uniform, or both! Bring water, lunch or snack, weather-appropriate clothing, and an activity to keep your group entertained during the very long wait at the start line.

Signs: If you’d like, bring a sign that says “Beverly Cleary” and something you love about our school (BCS friends, BCS reading, BCS & the name of your team, BCS diversity, BCS theater, etc).

When and Where:

  • Wednesday June 5. Line up @ 12pm, parade runs 1-3pm from NE 52nd and Sandy to Grant Park
  • We'll share our exact line-up spot @ 11:45am via [this Google doc COMING SOON], the BCS Community Facebook page, and email
  • [RSVP COMING SOON] no later than one day before the parade so we can email you the line-up location
  • The formation area is between NE 52nd & 56th and NE Sacramento & Tillamook. If you can't find us, ask officials for "line-up number 24A, community entry, Beverly Cleary School." If you have a group, we recommended convening nearby and walking in together

Official rules from the Junior Rose Parade website.

  • The parade is open to children through middle school age and their chaperones.
  • All entries must be appropriate for an audience of small children and are subject to Committee approval.
  • All entries must follow the instructions of parade officials.
  • All entries must keep up with the parade. No counter marching or stopping to perform routines -- they must be done while moving forward.
  • Nothing can be handed out or thrown from the parade due to safety concerns. Do not plan on passing out flyers, candy, etc. Such items may be confiscated by parade officials.
  • No advertising is permitted without Committee approval.
  • No entries allowed with religious, political, or social messaging.
  • No horses or motor driven vehicles (other than official cars) allowed.
  • All marchers must wear shoes.
  • Have Fun!

BCS student behavior expectations (for everyone, esp. our older kids):

  • All PPS school rules apply during the event (however phone use is allowed)
  • No alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs allowed at any time
  • Phone use is allowed at the event. Students must use phones responsibly and respect others' wishes with regard to any photos or videos captured at the event
  • Students will be polite and considerate of adults and students at the event, including younger children
  • Language, behavior, and any signs must be appropriate for younger children at the event
  • Students will conduct themselves in a way that represents BCS positively to the broader community

Questions and RSVPs: Contact Beth Silva bethjsilva@gmail.com. Or visit the Jr. Rose Parade website.

Banner image by brgfx on Freepik