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Upcoming Fundraisers

We've completed our fundraisers for the year, but are happy to report we far exceeded our goal thanks to the Kennedy School's generous donation, plus all our other restaurant partners. Thank you to everyone who particpated!

About Our Fundraisers

Each school year we partner with local businesses and restaurants to raise money for our PTA. The restaurant gets new customers and we raise important funds for the BCS PTA. It's a win-win for sure!

Our Goal for 2023-2024: $4000

Follow our progress and participate to help us meet our goal!

Current Total: $8014!!!


Past Fundraisers (2023-2024) 

Kennedy School

May 15th


May 1st

Sparky's Pizza

Apr 23th

Nico's Ice Cream

Apr 17th

The Blind Onion

Mar 13th

Sparky's Pizza

Jan 30th

Laughing Planet

Nov 7th

Steeplejack Brewing Co.

Oct 18th

Sparky's Pizza

Sept 12th