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Reading Challenge Program

Earn Prizes by Taking the Reading Challenge!

Calling all BCS Readers…Reading Challenge is a year-round incentive-based reading program sponsored by the Beverly Cleary School PTA designed to encourage and celebrate reading by rewarding students who challenge themselves to reach their reading goals.

How does the program work?

  • Completed forms are due each month on the 15th. There is a box in the front office where your student can turn in their completed form.
  • You can also snap a photo of the form and send it to us at bcs.readingchallenge@gmail.com Please include first and LAST name and classroom teacher. Don’t forget to TOTAL UP your pages each month.

More Details

Any Beverly Cleary student can join the Reading Challenge at any time. And it's fun!

All books count! Students read what they want, how they want, and when they want. Chapter Books, eBooks, Picture Books, Audio Books, Graphic Novels, Comic Books...every page counts! Reading Challenge tracks the number of pages read...pages read by students and pages read to students.

The total number of pages accumulates for each student year-round for their entire career at Beverly Cleary School. So, the longer a student participates, the more pages they can count toward their reading goal. Even Summer reading counts!

Participating students record the book titles, authors, and number of pages they've read on the tracking forms available here. Completed forms are submitted each month. Students receive awards, such as bookstore gift certificates, medals and trophies, and Lunch with the Principal!

Questions? Contact the program coordinator, Morgan at bcs.readingchallenge@gmail.com



Is your child struggling with reading? Dyslexia is a specific learning disability that is neurological in origin and affects up to 1 in 5 students. Although Dyslexia does not just affect reading and spelling, a reluctant reader might exhibit a slower reading speed, immediately forget what has just been read, miss words or miss the ending of a word, not recognize a word read a few lines before, and/or quickly tire while reading. To help Beverly Cleary School's teachers better assist our struggling readers, BCS PTA sponsored our K-3rd grade teachers at a "Multi-sensory Workshop of Effective Reading Strategies in the Classroom" with the Oregon Dyslexia Institute. Talk to your child's teacher if you are concerned about your child's reading. For more information about dyslexia please click here.