Beverly Cleary School Green Team

Our mission is to reduce the environmental impact of our school community in a responsible and just manner.

We are a group of volunteer parents who meet monthly and do on-going work to meet this mission.  All interested parents are invited to join us.  Please get in touch!


Student Green Team

We facilitate a middle school green team, educating and empowering students as environmental stewards. To help educate and inform our students and to empower students to be environmental stewards, we have formed a student green team.

Cafeteria Waste Reduction

With the goal of reducing solid waste and greenhouse gasses generated by our school meals, we've undertaken the following efforts:

  • Reintroduced durable silverware in the Fernwood cafeteria and eliminated single use plastic forks and spoons.
  • Started composting student food scraps in cafeteria.
  • Encourage low-waste or zero-waste lunch methods for packed lunches.

Campus Recycling

In an effort to help families recycle more at home, we've set up bins at both campuses to recycle plastic bags, markers and batteries. Click below for details on each bin.

Plastic Bags 





Together with school administration we are reviewing school supply procurement to reduce waste, lower costs, and maximize green purchasing options when possible.

Communication & Networking

We work with the PTA and the school administration to communicate our efforts, provide volunteer opportunities, and educate the school community about environmental issues the impact we have at school and at home.

We partner with the PTA and BCS Foundation to reduce the environmental impact of school events.

We also network with other school green teams, the PPS District staff, the Eco School Network and other organizations to stay abreast of best practices and leverage our efforts.