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Did you know that most of our children go to school every day in a building that has the second highest seismic risk score of all Portland Public schools, according to a 2012 survey?

Did you know that the building-level seismic strengthening retrofits that were scheduled to be completed under the 2012 bond have been postponed because the district ran out of money under that bond?

Do you want to learn more and keep up with what the Safety Committee is doing to remedy these dangerous situations? Then keep an eye on this web page as the Safety Committee moves forward in its attempts to protect our kids.

About our group

The BCS Safety Committee is a group made up of about 16 members who are concerned with advancing the safety of our schools. Our goals cover a variety of safety issues, including: seismic strengthening of the buildings; non-structural
seismic preparations, such as strapping bookshelves to walls, securing projectors, etc.; reunification planning, implementation, and practice; acquisition and storage of emergency supplies; installation of a door security system and security cameras; and more. We also aim to provide information about these issues to our school community through this web site, in the hopes that others will educate themselves about these issues and help us advocate to get this important work done.

Contact Us 

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Reference Materials:

Information about the 9/26/19 Reunification drill

PPS flyer with information about work done at Fernwood during the summer of 2018

PPS Expected Seismic Performance Ratings and Risk Scores

2011 Seismic Evaluation and Cost Estimate for Seismic Upgrades for Beverly Cleary Fernwood Campus

Parents for Preparedess: Lessons Learned

2016 Oregonian article about schools likely to collapse in an earthquake

2017 Oregonian article about most-at-risk schools' seismic work being delayed

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