Safety Committee

The BCS Safety Committee is made up of parents and staff who are concerned with advancing the safety and security of our school. Our goals cover a variety of safety issues, including: identifying and addressing COVID safety issues; advocacy on seismic safety with elected officials at the local, state, and federal level; non-structural seismic preparations, such as strapping bookshelves to walls, securing projectors, etc.; reunification planning, implementation, and practice; acquisition and storage of emergency supplies; and more.

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Reference Materials:

Information about the 9/26/19 Reunification drill

PPS flyer with information about work done at Fernwood during the summer of 2018

PPS Expected Seismic Performance Ratings and Risk Scores

2011 Seismic Evaluation and Cost Estimate for Seismic Upgrades for Beverly Cleary Fernwood Campus

Parents for Preparedess: Lessons Learned

2016 Oregonian article about schools likely to collapse in an earthquake

2017 Oregonian article about most-at-risk schools' seismic work being delayed